About Indigo

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to get a little serious. After all, I spend some part of every day thinking. Really. And for whatever self-important reason, there seems to be a worrisome little gnome in my psyche who is convinced that serious things are mirthless and that mirthful things are worthless. (We won’t mention the gnome with the proclivity for doggerel…)

And so it goes: if I am thinking, it must be serious, so, no smiles please. But really, if you could see the embarrassing situations I get into, you’d quickly realize any attempt I might make toward self-importance is quickly doomed. For instance, I’ve learned not ever to say, “I’ll never do that,” because sooner or later–usually sooner–I’ll find myself in a situation where I am doing exactly “that”, and eating crow to boot. It seems the universe is experience-bent on getting me to stop seeing the world in black and white. I just wish sometimes the third option weren’t the red of embarrassment as I realize once again what a doofus I’ve been. In any event, I figure there must be a way to live life lovingly and thoughtfully without getting too caught up in self-importance. And if there is, I mean to find it.

At the end of the day (and at the beginning and middle, too), life is pretty enjoyable. There are sunsets and sunrises (although I don’t see the sunrises quite as frequently as the sunsets–windows facing west and all that). I can hear the birds singing outside my window at 4:30 in the morning, as I am now. There are flowers and gardens in the neighborhoods I live in and walk through. The town I live in is quite fantastic.

I get to experience life–the pains and joys of being alive. The slowness of seeing something develop from idea to realization. (To my impatient self it seems that anything that takes longer than a millisecond is slow.) Experiencing the ups and downs of human realities. Realizing there is a place I can be, a space I can occupy, in which I experience something fully, no matter if it is pleasant or unpleasant, that allows me to… be in concert with the universe. I can feel the universal “hum of being” even as I experience suffering and pain. Even better, I can join in the universal laughter as I take the occasional pratfall.

I fully agree with Richard Bach’s assessment in his book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah that the two reasons we are on earth are to learn and to enjoy ourselves. In this blog I’ll record the lessons and the fun of life that I experience. For instance, what does it mean to live a spiritual life that is solidly framed within the human experience? The joys (smiles, love, flowers blooming), the aches (pulled muscles, constipation, parking tickets), the pains (love lost, death, grave illness), and the embarrassments (the pratfalls, forgetting your keys or your wallet, making a loud argument in public only to realize later that you were totally and completely mistaken): these are the little miracles that abound, the first of which is remembering one’s loving nature in the midst of a traffic jam.

The purpose of this site is actually to get me to lighten up. I think “big thoughts”, but I am happiest when I think big thoughts and laugh. This is my effort to thank the universe for the joy and love I experience on a daily basis, especially remembering, as I am about to have my greatest epiphany ever on the meaning of life, that I still need to check if my fly is zipped.

After all, life is not just about the big thoughts, it’s also about the little laughs and the great joys, of life, of living, and of being human. How lucky we are to be human. How lucky we are to have the experiences available to us. It is a gift to be alive. Such a gift.

Oh, I checked, it is zipped.

– Indigo