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Are the French Really Rude?

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

It seems whenever people discuss visiting France (whether or not they’ve been there themselves), the topic of French rudeness comes up.


“Aren’t the French rude?” other Americans ask me when I mention having been to France. Or, “The French are so rude!” they’ll tell me, if they’re more the telling sort of person.


Are the French rude? I don’t think so. But then, I’m an avowed Francophile.


I think it boils down to this: Americans believe their country is number one (Go USA!), and they’re absolutely stunned to discover that the French think and act like their country is the best. While Americans will admit that the French have great cuisine (French fries, French toast, etc.), invented some pretty nice things (French kissing comes to mind), and gave us the Statue of Liberty (thanks, Eiffel), there is no doubt to Americans that the USA rocks and no one else can compare. But, for whatever reason, the French aren’t convinced.


But, no matter who wins the argument over which country is better, in France, the French have the advantage. They speak the language.