Apparently there’s a slew of videos posted on YouTube of people unwrapping their recent technology gadget purchase. This is called “unboxing”. An article I read said that it’s mainly a guy thing.

I learned about unboxing while reading about Microsoft’s internal spoof video of what iPod packaging would look like if they had designed it. (You can also see the video and read networkworld.com’s take on tech gadget packaging here.)

I bought an iPhone last fall, and I still have the box. I don’t usually keep boxes around–my grandmother was a young woman during the Depression, and one of the lingering frugality effects was that she always kept boxes.

Shelves of boxes. Closets of boxes. Boxes within boxes. All kinds of boxes. Big boxes. Little boxes. Long boxes. Short boxes. Tall boxes. So many boxen. (She also kept jars. Don’t get me started on jars!)

I think my grandmother filled the box-keeping quota for several generations. So, no boxes for me.

Except for the iPhone box. I like that one.

Which is silly, because… what am I going to do with that box? (Well, I could make it into a handy-dandy recipe box…)

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